Because the truth is, I’d rather write about stuff like this.

She writes!

Because the truth is, I’d rather write about stuff like this.

Back in February, my daughter Bethany independently and entirely of her own volition started writing the letter B. She’s gone to preschool this year, and her teachers have introduced the letters, but they do not do any writing. For me, this meant some real excitement: she’s figured out how to coordinate the shapes she sees with the motions she makes with her hands, and also that she’s interested in writing.

Obviously, I saved this piece of paper.

When I started this blog, I intended it to be helpful for the teachers I was training, and maybe a way to promote my tiny little consulting business. I already have a very neglected personal blog where I occasionally remember to put up a few pictures and thoughts about what the girls are up to. When I update that blog, my goal is mostly for relatives and close friends to see the girls without me having to print and mail pictures.

As anyone with a brain can see, I haven’t been remotely consistent or interested in using this blog for its intended purpose. It’s not that I lack passion for children’s literature. On the contrary, I love it. The problem seems to be that I enjoy having an actual dialogue with other folks about these books – what to read, how to use them to teach, etc. Just typing into cyberspace isn’t cutting it for me. There are numerous people out there who do this talking about books thing, and they do it awfully well.

What I’d rather type about is what we’re doing here. Figuring out how to be a mom, and help the girls learn, and retain some sense of self, and cook foods that could be labeled something other than “quick ‘n’ easy.” So, today, I’m writing about Bethany making a B, not because I happened upon some magical “how to teach your three year old to write letters” kind of secret, but just because sometimes there is some real serendipity in being a mom.

If you feel like it, keep stopping by, and maybe something cool will happen.