You knew this was coming: The Obligatory Apple Post.

Those of you who disdain everything about traditional education should probably stop reading now. ;) Those of you who have PTSD from thirty years of … [Continue reading]

Two New-to-Us Halloween Books

halloween books for kids, children's halloween books

Halloween always seems to slip up on me, book-wise, and I end up reading all of our favorites in marathon fashion on October 30th and 31st. This year, … [Continue reading]

Hildegard von Bingen: Two Children’s Books

books about hildegard von bingen, children's books for hildegard von bingen

As we slowly ease ourselves into a Charlotte Mason-inspired education, I've been making a real effort to incorporate weekly composer and artist study … [Continue reading]

Books for Little Dancers

book about martha graham, kids dance book

My family has had a bit of a "Sunrise, Sunset" moment here lately, because Bethany and I are taking dance lessons from the same teacher this year. … [Continue reading]

Sophie’s Squash: I’m not the only fan of the butternut.

Last week, I told you about my little error in the book storage arena. As a result, we've been discovering some excellent new fall books, because … [Continue reading]

Three Great Novels for Making Connections

books for science minded girls

I've been on a fiction kick lately. I bought several Very Grown Up historical monographs at the most recent library book sale, and then realized that … [Continue reading]

Hello there, Fall.

best books for fall, toddler fall book, preschool fall book, nonfiction fall book

We made a terrible decision this summer. We are doing the miserable work of getting our house ready to sell, and in a fit of decisiveness, I put all … [Continue reading]

My Secret Weapon: Ivy Kids Kits Review

ivy kids kits

Last month, I read a review of Ivy Kids kits at The Mom Creative. Ordinarily, I haven't been a fan of the subscription box craft kits for kids. It's … [Continue reading]

Books about the American Revolution.

books about the american revolution

In my last post, I told you a sad tale of woe. I won't repeat it - it's just too depressing. Instead, I'd prefer to help solve the problem. The … [Continue reading]

Oh, dear. (Subtitle: History is not boring.)

Tonight, on Facebook, a friend posted that her daughter had made a terrible assertion over dinner. When asked about school, the daughter responded … [Continue reading]