Mamaishness, Teacherishness

Oh, dear. (Subtitle: History is not boring.)

Tonight, on Facebook, a friend posted that her daughter had made a terrible assertion over dinner. When asked about school, the daughter responded with, “history’s boring.”

Naturally, I had a small stroke.

After removing myself from the floor, I continued reading what she had written. It turns out that not just any history was boring – the beginning of the American Revolution was boring.

What? What? WHAT???

I immediately sent this video, just to stave off any more rash comments for the evening, and then promised a book list ASAP.

What this means for you is that you’re not getting a real blog post tonight, because I’m going to be busy compiling a great book list for a fourth grader, instead. It’s all about the kids, y’all. Seriously, we’ve got to do better.