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31 Days: It’s a party

The Jolly Barnyard

Yesterday, we celebrated Clara’s second birthday. While we certainly can’t believe she’s been hanging out around here for two years, we were blessed to celebrate with lots of family and friends. We think she had a good time. When I manage to get the photos off the camera, I’ll share some here.

Today, I thought I’d pick a book that both Bethany and Clara have loved. They love it so much, in fact, that they always want to buy it when we need to give someone a birthday gift. I’m fairly sure I should start buying it in bulk, just to make certain we have a copy on hand when we need one.

The book in question is The Jolly Barnyard, a Little Golden Book written by Annie North Bedford and illustrated by Tibor Gergely. (He’s my favorite, by the way. He’s getting his own post very soon.) The rhyming text tells the story of Farmer Brown’s birthday. Because he takes such good care of the animals on his farm, they decide to honor him on his birthday by doing nice things for him. The pictures are sweet and decently realistic, and the whole thing is just so wholesome and sweet that you feel like you’ve eaten a slice of birthday cake when you finish the book.

I’m not one to blindly endorse all classic Little Golden Books, as there are certainly aspects to some of them that don’t need to survive into the 21st century. This one, however simplistic, does stand the test of time, and is a worthwhile read for anyone’s birthday. It also works well to talk about ways to give gifts of our time and abilities, not just ‘stuff’ that no one really needs. The three year old in this house is definitely working on learning that lesson at the moment.

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