My Secret Weapon: Ivy Kids Kits Review

ivy kids kits

Last month, I read a review of Ivy Kids kits at The Mom Creative. Ordinarily, I haven't been a fan of the subscription box craft kits for kids. It's nothing personal: sometimes I think they look too simple, sometimes I think that my girls wouldn't enjoy them, and sometimes the materials just don't … [Continue reading]

Books about the American Revolution.

books about the american revolution

In my last post, I told you a sad tale of woe. I won't repeat it - it's just too depressing. Instead, I'd prefer to help solve the problem. The American Revolution is the sort of time period where there's something for everyone: intrigue, battles, fancy outfits, fascinating letters, outrageous … [Continue reading]

Oh, dear. (Subtitle: History is not boring.)

Tonight, on Facebook, a friend posted that her daughter had made a terrible assertion over dinner. When asked about school, the daughter responded … [Continue reading]

For when you just don’t know what to make.

Unblocking exercise

Yesterday, I posted this article from Crafting Connections on Read It, Make It!'s Facebook page. (Go ahead and click 'like' while you're there. You … [Continue reading]

Learning about birds.

bird books for preschoolers

To be honest, I've never been much of a bird girl. I'm not totally ignorant, and I can identify the birds we normally see in the yard, but it takes … [Continue reading]

Women’s History Month: Books About Science and Conservation

books about science

In putting together a few books about women in science, I noticed that a conservation theme was emerging. That makes today's post all about … [Continue reading]

More books for Women’s History Month.

women's history children's books

I've read more than once recently that the "golden age of picture books" has passed. While that's certainly a dreadful thing to contemplate, I don't … [Continue reading]

Books for Women’s History Month

women's history children's books

March is Women's History Month, by official government proclamation, but it's worth identifying great books about women's history to use all year … [Continue reading]

Books for Women’s History Month: Finding Them

women's history children's books

Today, I'm beginning a little series on finding, reading, and using excellent books for women's history month. Today, we'll focus on the finding. … [Continue reading]

My favorite books for St. Patrick’s Day.

books for st patrick's day

Somehow, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. While it's not a huge holiday at our house, St. Patrick was a cool guy, so we give him a little attention. … [Continue reading]